2020: the best year to invest in real estate in Puerto Vallarta

In the year of the pandemic, real estate sales are picking up impressively. The national market is in one of its best moments.

Currently investing in real estate has become one of the safest investments. Despite the uncertainty that is observed in the world economy, experts recommend doing it as a measure to safeguard savings or assets.

This year in particular has been complex in many ways. All this represents a great challenge at an individual, family and collective level. However, it also represents the opportunity to test our intelligence and creativity to get ahead.

Real estate in Puerto Vallarta: the safest investment in 2020

Mexico and the world are going through a crucial moment, after the ravages caused by confinement and the pandemic. Analysts in the financial field recommend today more than ever to invest in tangible assets that do not depreciate: buy on the gold and/or silver standard, and invest safely in the purchase of tangible assets: houses, apartments and land.

This suggestion accomplishes two goals. On the one hand, safeguard savings and family assets; on the other hand, to contribute to the revitalization of one of the fastest growing markets in the world: construction.

The real estate scene in Mexico and real estate in Puerto Vallarta

According to the Association of Real Estate Professionals of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is among the favorite countries to invest in Latin America. Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit have become the most coveted region to do so.

It may sound incredible, but just in these months of confinement, people have valued what is most important and are preferring to invest their savings in the purchase of tangible goods, rather than keeping them in the bank. To the surprise of many, sales for the real estate sector are picking up impressively. The national market is in one of its best moments. Currently, Mexico is listed as the second most competitive economy in Latin America, according to the World Economic Forum, which makes it highly attractive to foreign investors.

But that's not all: the 30% sales are from the domestic market. Without a doubt, this is very good news for our economy, which leads us to think about the dream that we all have since we were children: our Beach house.

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Grupo Crecento builds the house of your dreams

Of all the beach destinations in Mexico, without a doubt one of the most beautiful and safe is Vallarta Port. Grupo Crecento is a real estate agency that has changed life in the region. It builds innovative developments, with an elegant, functional architectural style that meets the needs of today's families. Over 5 years, it has established itself as one of the most prestigious developers in the region. The trust and satisfaction of its investors and clients have been the heart that moves this company with great growth. Which proves that real estate in Puerto Vallarta They have become the best investment in 2020.

Today more than ever Mexicans are determined to face the present with courage and good decisions. Giving life to your dream of having a house on the beach and enjoying a wonderful and healthy natural environment that guarantees quality of life.

To show a button: during the month of July, sales records were successfully broken for Crecent Group. This confirms that 2020 is the best year to invest in Puerto Vallarta. For this reason, we give you some reasons to walk the present with certainty, building the future and that of your loved ones.

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