2021: year of great expectations for Grupo Crecento 

The year 2020 was a year of great challenges and learning, the pandemic modified what was in force until then, forced us to break paradigms and tested the mettle of companies, people and communities. However, and despite the uncertainty, the market saw in real estate a real possibility to invest its money, which caused sales to skyrocket in some places like Puerto Vallarta. 

In this way, buyers preferred to invest in real estate rather than leave their money static in the bank. Thus, the second half of 2020 for Grupo Crecento resulted in breaking sales record in the market compared to previous years in the same periods.

The behavior of investors and people in general was a determining factor so that the construction sector in real estate developments not only did not stop despite the circumstances, but instead grew by 4%. 

Trust and commitment key factors for Grupo Crecento

The architect Alexander Chain, director of this real estate group in Puerto Vallarta, stated that, despite the pandemic, 2020 was a great year for the Crecento group: “People gave our company their trust and decided to invest in their assets within the projects developed by the group. , that is priceless and of course our commitment is to repay that trust with a vengeance. We are very grateful to our clients and investors who showed their trust in us. Without a doubt, through the joint work of all the group's collaborators, we will live up to this commitment."

“Our main objective is to establish long-term relationships with our clients, providing and improving day by day the quality that our clients expect and that through word of mouth, our main tool to keep our clients happy. We build spaces for you to live happily”.

“Attractive architectural designs, urban generosity and price remain the cornerstones of our company. Improving the quality of our developments day by day is our constant objective, guaranteeing a positive real experience throughout the purchase process for each and every one of our clients, is an essential part of our goals for this year”, said Arq. Cadena .

Grupo Crecento starts this 2021 with great expectations and different real estate projects that will contribute to the positioning and growth of Puerto Vallarta in every way. Meet them! There will always be a house, an apartment or a piece of land according to your needs. 


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