5 reasons to buy a house in 2020

VIDEO. Interested in buying a house in 2020? Market conditions are broadly favorable for investing in real estate.

Despite the pandemic (or perhaps as a consequence of it), the conditions to buy a house in 2020 are widely favorable. We tell you the 5 reasons why it is a good time to invest in real estate.

  1. Interest rates are low, which is ideal for investors who want to maximize their profits.
  2. Accessible bank credits. Banking institutions have become more flexible. If you have a secure income or a stable job, it will be easy to obtain a fixed-rate loan.
  3. The presale prices are considerably lower that when a development is finished. In this way, if you buy your home during this stage, you will be saving between 20 and 30%.
  4. Guaranteed capital gain. The real estate market is advancing by leaps and bounds and more so in a beach destination. Investing with great facilities notably guarantees the added value of your investment.
  5. New technologies give us the opportunity to know practically everything what you need to know about the house you are going to acquire before you buy it. In addition, the processes are made much simpler. You have the advantage of comparing prices, amenities, spaces and knowing materials in detail.

Video: 5 reasons to buy a house in 2020

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