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We are a group that believes in innovation and creativity as a mechanism to improve people's quality of life. We carry out projects whose design exceeds people's expectations, in order to guarantee the added value of their investments.

Collage developments of the Crecento Group


We seek as a priority the integral well-being of our clients, collaborators and investors, creating innovative spaces, guaranteeing added value.


Become the first option to purchase real estate and investment in the development of projects and construction, ensuring the best returns for our clients.


From our beginning, the driving idea was that all people can live in a space that improves their way of life. We know that the human way of living changes over time, so we constantly reconsider how spaces have been solved in the past and adapt them to the current lifestyle through the study of present needs, projecting ourselves as a company where design and added value are always present in each development.

We know that the market is in constant movement and we are constantly growing to offer solid, reliable and cutting-edge solutions that benefit the interests of the people who join each project.

On January 26, 2015 we started activities in Grupo Crecento with the partnership of Alejandro Cadena and Erick Gallegos, who were joined in April of that same year by Oscar Barragán, Santiago Herrera and Kedar Gil.

We are a group that believes in innovation and creativity as mechanisms to improve people's quality of life, we carry out projects whose design exceeds the expectations of our clients, in order to guarantee the capital gain of your investments and at the same time that they are respectful with the environment.

Grupo Crecento is made up of 11 companies oriented to the Development, Construction, Marketing and Financing of Real Estate Developments, we make our Clients Happy through sustainable and harmonious Architectural Designs, which increase the Capital Gain of their investment.

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