Tips for investors: The advantages of buying in pre-sale

Buying a property in the presale stage is a guarantee of capital gains, say real estate investment experts. Success stories: how buyers doubled their capital in less than three years.

What are the advantages of buying in presale?

Real estate investment experts point out that acquiring properties during the pre-sale process -when the property is not yet finished, or its construction is just about to begin- is the best guarantee of capital gains. This type of operation also has other clear advantages for the buyer.

1. Lower prices

One of the main advantages of buying pre-sale is that prices tend to be lower at the start, and discounts are offered. Depending on the stage of construction, developers offer discounts of between 10% and 30%. In addition, there is the probability of paying the down payment on a house in monthly installments, since, for example, for the authorization of a mortgage loan, a certain percentage of progress in the work is required. In these cases, the sales agent can structure flexible payment schemes.

2. Short-term capital gains

Once pre-sale has started, prices will go up as the project progresses. Buying in pre-sale implies that the price of your home will increase in a shorter time, increasing the capital gain of your investment. Crecent Group guarantees the client a minimum capital gain of 20% when the project is completed.
This return is several times higher than the profit rate of a fixed-term bank deposit, for example.

3. Choose the best location

In general, these projects are carried out on a large scale: subdivisions of several blocks, with hundreds of homes. Buying in pre-sale expands the possibilities for you to choose the location and model according to your preferences. For example, corner houses sell faster, as well as ground floor apartments. During the pre-sale it will be easier for you to find the location that suits your needs, and potentially obtain a higher return on your investment.

4. Plan your move and have a new home

Buying a house under construction can be a great advantage. You will have enough time to plan your move, buy new furniture or have it custom made. You will also have enough time to terminate your rental agreement, or sell/rent your old house. Finally, opening a new house is an unforgettable experience, which allows you to put your personal touch on many details, and optimize it for your family group.

SUCCESS STORIES: Capital doubled in a few years

Grupo Crecento is characterized by building quality developments and promoting successful pre-sale processes. His most recent success stories:

palms body 01

PalmSpring. 30 units in a tower, in Colonia Versalles de Vallarta. It was released in 2016. Currently its units are sold up to 80% more than the initial value.

zoho photobody 01

Soho Skies. 182 units in three towers, in the Hotel Zone of Vallarta. It premiered in August 2018. It was pre-sold at $28,000 per m2 and is listed at $48,000 today.

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