Advantages of investing with Grupo Crecento

If you are thinking of investing, Grupo Crecento accompanies you throughout the entire process, offering you quality real estate options with a design according to your needs, with the best location and guaranteed capital gains.

In this post we tell you about the advantages of investing with Grupo Crecento. When we think of making a smart and worthwhile investment, we immediately think of buying a house or land. The real estate sector has become one of the favorite segments in Mexico and much of Latin America in terms of economic development. Of course Puerto Vallarta and Bahía de Banderas is no exception.

In the last decade alone, the entire Bay of Banderas has become a real estate development hotspot. Large national and international companies have set their sights on this jewel of the Mexican Pacific and have placed it on the list of favorite places to invest in real estate.

Natural beauties and cultural attributes are one of the main factors why people are attracted to buy their beach house. The dream of living in this beach destination is now an attainable reality for everyone. For this reason, if you are one of the people who are looking for invest in a house, department or land, we recommend you take into account the following key points:

1. You must be sure that the investment you make gives you guaranteed capital gains

This factor is essential because it determines the status of the property and its future projection. The factors that increase the value of a real estate asset are external and cannot be controlled. However, there are factors that can be chosen to select the best investment.

The most important factor that can guarantee a high added value is to correctly choose the location both for its current characteristics and for its development potential. Thus, a property in a safe area with access to main roads, urban infrastructure that supports the place (electricity, drainage, drinking water system, telephone and Internet, etc.) and access to both public and private services make it an option. highly profitable to invest.

In addition, there remains the question of when is the best time to invest. When it comes to generating capital gains, pre-sale prices are considerably lower than when a development is finished. In this way, if you buy your home during this stage, you will be saving between 20 and 30%.

2. The real estate in which you will invest must be built in a good location

As we said before, the location is key because the habitability of the space is what finally gives it the useful value. Considering the type of place, the surrounding neighborhoods, the projects that are being developed in the area and the services in the area, it is possible to glimpse the lifestyle that can be expected when residing in the property.

In Puerto Vallarta the acquisition of properties in the heart of the port is very competitive. However, there are other areas with a high level of development and all kinds of services nearby: administrative, roads, schools, supermarkets, places of recreation. These are areas that present a growing surplus value in the medium and long term. Riviera Nayarit is not far behind, it is currently the focus of large companies and investors in the real estate sector, generating highly luxurious and exclusive developments.

3. The investment you make must be of quality and with a design according to your needs

Outside variables aside, design elements and build quality are equally important when making the best investment choice.

It is convenient to choose designs that invite you to live in them, comfortable, safe, that are frankly designed to raise the quality of life.

"Innovation and creativity to improve people's quality of life"

Oscar Barragan, Crecento Group.

In Grupo Crecento each project has an initial intention from the sector to which it is directed and the scope to which it intends to reach. One of the aspects that cannot be left out of an architectural design is functionality, in addition to harmony, because that is how people perceive it as a good home to live in.

Because Invest with Grupo Crecento

4. The company you choose must be serious and accompany you throughout the entire process

Grupo Crecento is a solid company, legally constituted since 2015 and constantly growing. In 7 years it has become one of the leading real estate companies at the regional level. It is a Mexican 100% company, which contributes to the economic development of our country.

In Puerto Vallarta it has more than 47 thousand square meters built, 10 completed projects, 10 in process, and 11 more in planning. Crecento offers a capital gain on your investment of 30% upon delivery of your home. This guarantees that your investment will have been worth it. It also offers credit plans and financing according to your needs.

In addition to investing in a property under development, there are 2 other investment models at Invercento: as an equity partner, providing land for a specific project, and as a capital partner, with investment in shares equivalent to pesos.

Grupo Crecento is more than a real estate developer. It is made up of 11 companies focused on the Development, Construction, Administration, Marketing, Investment and Financing of Real Estate Developments. Our experience is able to accompany you in every part of the purchase process, so you don't have to worry about encountering any unexpected problem.

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