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Message from the CEO of Grupo Crecento, Alejandro Cadena Gallardo. New year 2021.

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I hereby extend a cordial greeting to all of you, it has been a historic and atypical year, we could say that it has been a catalyst in all aspects, on the one hand it has taken us to the extreme of the group's financial endurance and on the other another has allowed us to reinvent ourselves and reorder ourselves. We distance ourselves from each other for health, but we sister in solidarity with those who needed it most.

Dear Crescent Family,

It has been an interesting year that has given us despite everything one of the best years of the group.

For this reason, I am infinitely grateful to all those raffled for their effort, for dying on the line giving their last breath.

I thank the innovators for keeping us one step ahead creatively.

Because of the sleeplessness and insomnia of the tenacious who only allow themselves one thing: to reach the goal.

I thank the adventurers for trusting their intuition in taking us to uncharted paths, and above all I thank each and every one of us because we have all managed to be resilient this year, for having agreed to continue hand in hand as a team willing to overcome , as always to everything. Extend a big hug from me to everyone, once we were victorious this 2020.

The following 2021 will be one of even greater challenges and when the time comes I am convinced that we will be together and up to any challenge.

The time has come to bear fruit.

Arch. Alejandro Cadena Gallardo

CEO Crecento Group

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