Zyan: your best option to buy a house in Puerto Vallarta

Five external elements that you should consider when purchasing a property.

If you have in mind to buy a house in Vallarta Port, it is essential that you take into account not only the internal amenities that the development offers you, but also the external factors, which will give you a concrete idea of the services that you will have in your daily life.

1.- Privileged location

Zian It is in an unbeatable location. At the entrance to Puerto Vallarta, Las Juntas delegation, 5 minutes from federal highway 200. This factor is of the utmost importance for all families in relation to work, commercial areas and school zones.

2.- Surrounding school zones

This development is located in one of the most important delegations of the city. Las Juntas has public schools and private schools ranging from preschool, primary, secondary, high school and university. Ideal to meet the needs of all family members.

3.- Sports and recreational areas

If you are adept at sports, the sports unit of Las Juntas will be an option of your interest. The delegation has a large sports area, with several soccer fields, racquetball courts and exercise areas for free recreation.

4.- Commercial and service areas

The commercial and service areas are very useful when choosing your home. This development adjoins shopping malls and prestigious stores. Two shopping malls, gas stations, banks, cafeterias, banks and food areas are grouped around the Las Juntas crossing, which will make your life easier in many ways.

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