Grupo Crecento celebrates 5 years offering unique alternatives in the real estate market

Proudly from Vallarta, this company has established itself as one of the most important developers on the north coast of Jalisco.

Puerto Vallarta is known for being a generous city that offers opportunities for development and work for everyone. Our city has been the cradle of companies that have generated prosperity and well-being for many people. This is the story of Grupo Crecento, one of the most important emerging companies in the Puerto Vallarta real estate market.

History of the Crecento Group

After working on various projects and as a collaborator in important developers at the national level, the architect Alexander Chain He arrived in Puerto Vallarta in 2006. Here he met most of his current partners and collaborators. In January 2015, together with the architect Eric Gallegos began the process of bringing to life Crecent group.

This "salty leg" company began a sustained career towards success 5 years ago. To achieve this, he had to survive different adversities. Thanks to the relationship of trust and satisfaction that it developed with its clients and investors, it went from being an architecture firm with 5 partners, to a group of 10 companies that has been projected nationally and internationally as a safe company that guarantees added value. and profits for all those who want to invest in their projects.

VIDEO: History of the Crecento Group

Confidence and well-being, solid pillars in any building

Any lasting relationship requires strong foundations that provide security. At least that is the type of relationship that Grupo Crecento establishes with its clients. When we talk about investing in a place that will become our home, we seek as a priority that it be a space with an aesthetic, functional design that makes us feel comfortable and safe. These elements are essential for the added value of our investment.

5 years of creative and functional projects

Work and creativity are the pillars of this great work team, on which more than 100 families currently depend, promoting more than 10 different business units within their work. Each and every one of their projects has to do with a sum of efforts and wills that are held together by a strong bond: trust and results. The vast majority of his architectural projects have been endorsed by investors and clients who have found in Puerto Vallarta, the ideal paradise to live or vacation in the best beach tourist destination in Mexico.

Throughout 5 years, Grupo Crecento has consolidated itself with more than 29 projects throughout the city, in which it has participated from an architectural project to the complete development of the project, either as Crecento, for 4CGI sister company in Puerto Vallarta, or for developers in Aguascalientes, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Monterrey and Puerto Vallarta. Developments such as Zoho Skies, duwa, France, Ebony, Zian, willow, Bamboo, Cambria, Palm Springs 353, island 115, Mountain Meadows Y fountain, to name a few.

Projects with guaranteed capital gains

This is one of the company logos. Its objective is to offer homes with a creative, functional and quality design, which is essential in such a competitive sector. In addition to this, his presale prices they represent an unparalleled investment for their clients and investors, which guarantees capital gains in record time.

Many of us think that this price-quality ratio when buying a house or apartment. This could be a complex equation. However, this is possible in this company, because thanks to the relationship of trust that has been generated with clients, it has positioned itself as one of the fastest growing real estate developers on the north coast of Jalisco.

A case of success from Vallarta in constant rise

This Vallarta company is undoubtedly a success story that has based its strategy on two fundamental pillars: trust and honesty. They say that great companies are those that arise not only from creative minds, but from people who seek well-being for all. If you are one of those people who is not only looking for a house as heritage, but the home of your dreams, choose Grupo Crecento.

Grupo Crecento is a socially responsible company and always thinks of the community. On this fifth anniversary, do not miss the call that will be launched to the general public to consider the most creative project that promotes social welfare.

Think of Puerto Vallarta as the best place to live and the best place to invest. You will not regret it!


Year in which Grupo Crecento was founded in the real estate sector
10 different business units in Crecento
552,366.51 square meters of construction designed over 5 years
29 horizontal, vertical and mixed-use housing developments since 2015
500 units finished and delivered
900 units under construction
3,500 units in development projects

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