Enrique Abaroa: "You have to change your vision and attitude to innovate"

In the Grupo Crecento Innovation area, it is the innovative products that generate a high impact both in the internal and external ecosystem.

Enrique Abaroa performs his duties in the Innovation area, a Department that integrates the Holding of Grupo Crecento. Abaroa ensures that our innovative products are the ones that generate a high impact both in the internal and external ecosystem.

He affirms that the foundations begin to be created in the company's strategy, being from the General Management where said visionary and differentiating model emerges.

“In different areas, leaders are starting to get it clear. Intangibles are currently being created, we are in a process of maturation and detonation by creating different companies, new structures”.

Eric Abaroa
“The innovation department has been created with the aim of creating strategic alliances”. Enrique Abaroa

The Director of Innovation assures that the Innovation area together with Human Talent, have as a key objective to find the gears of teamwork, since there are currently good leaders and great talents. He assures that it is necessary to detect who works in a team in a natural way and potentiate them, since these agents will function as gears between the various Business Units.

“We are in a process of maturation – consolidation. One of the essential tasks of each management that makes up the Holding is to continually share and repeat this vision with their teams.”

From the Innovation area, Enrique proposes to continue working on our internal customer service between companies, as well as the implementation of the cross-functional model.

What is cross functional? They are teams that are made up of members from different departments to carry out a project or to solve a problem.

For Enrique, a great area of opportunity is teamwork; He assures that he is currently identifying born leaders, since they can become facilitators and triggers of a new system within the Group.

It ensures that both leaders and collaborators in general must continue to develop their skills and abilities, focusing each expert on their expertise.

Enrique affirms that the innovation department has been created with the purpose of creating strategic alliances, permeating for continuous improvement, integrating us with the best in the field in order to continue evolving.

“The area of innovation is an important area, but people are the ones who create this transformation with a vision for innovation. You must have an attitude and vision to be constantly innovating, you have to consciously change your vision and attitude to innovate.”

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