Institutionalized children from Jalisco: Crecento Foundation, HIC ME and Mouher Market join forces

Crescent Foundation and HIC ME join forces to reduce time, help children's comprehensive development and give them legal certainty in a safe environment.

On the morning of Thursday, June 24, more than 100 people gathered at an event with a cause, which served to collect the resource and buy 15 tablets that will be part of a psychopedagogical evaluation that will help institutionalized children in Jalisco.

The first objective of this breakfast was for the attendees to learn about the problems experienced by children who are part of an institution and who do not have a family or have not been able to be adopted. The second objective was to collect the money to purchase 15 tablets, which are required to carry out the psychopedagogical evaluation program.

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Artwork and items were also auctioned off at breakfast. There were also raffles and the presentation of some brands and products from the businesswomen who are part of

The event was carried out under the coordination of the teacher Rose Icela Gil, director of Tesla Junior High, and the teacher Yolanda Iniguez Cardenas, director of CLEVER Y ALOHA Mental Arithmetic from Puerto Vallarta.

The teacher attended Magaly Fregoso, commercial director of Grupo Crecento and Mouher Market, the architect Alexander Chain, CEO of Grupo Crecento, and Ricardo Cervantes, president of HIC ME, to thank the attendees and make the symbolic delivery.  

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Context: the reality of institutionalized children

The reality experienced by "institutionalized" children or those who are part of a shelter, or public or private home, is alarming. From the item of its basic civil guarantees, such as having a birth certificate, to issues of nutritional, psychological, physical, educational, legal and humanistic care.

The work carried out by both foundations has to do with a multidisciplinary approach, in which the main objective is to reduce the time a child is institutionalized to a maximum of 18 months. 

In Jalisco there are more than 5,000 institutionalized children, who on average take time to be adopted or returned to their families, from 7 to 14 years old.

Recent research shows that 1 month in an institution is equivalent to 4 months of delay in the development of a child. It is also known that with the simple fact of being institutionalized, there are already 7 of the 12 adverse childhood situations that cause trauma.

The excess stress that these children experience in these places is so high that there is a reduction in their gray matter, damage to the hippocampus (which causes memory and learning problems) and alterations in their executive functions. 

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Ricardo Cervantes, president of HIC ME, and the architect Alejandro Cadena, CEO of Grupo Crecento. 

HIC ME Crecento Group Foundation

Fundación Crecento is oriented towards two objectives: 

  • Help frontline workers in housing to live in better conditions and with dignity, improving their homes. 
  • Contribute to education and the development of skills and values of children who represent the present and future of society.

“We believe that the development of a nation is accompanied by comprehensive and educational development at an early stage. Our mission is to plant a tree to provide shade for our children and their children's children. Education, sports, art and culture are basic pillars to achieve this, that is our commitment”.

Leaving Chain.

HIC ME means "I am here" in Latin. This foundation was born from the need to resolve the legal needs and provide protection to children who are in an institution, and need a quick and effective resource to reduce the time in which they can be part of their own family or be adopted. 

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Magaly Fregoso, commercial director of Grupo Crecento and Mouher Market, addresses those present.

“The children of Jalisco are not alone. Our foundation works to literally free them and equip them with tools that allow them to have a better life. Accelerate these processes and provide them with resources that ensure they grow up in a family that contains them, protects them and prevents them from becoming sociopaths in adulthood.”

Ricardo Cervantes.

They participated in the donation of works for the auction: 

  • Artist Mariana Guzman, for the donation of 3 works and a canvas. 
  • Azul Cadena, for the donation of the drawing “Libertad”.

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