Luis Villaseñor: "We all need a leader"

Luis Villaseñor joined Grupo Crecento 4 years ago, playing an important part of the operation: “The successes and the mistakes help you polish your experience. Accepting, acknowledging that you don't know everything helps you grow."

With 16 years of experience in the real estate field, Luis Villaseñor joined Grupo Crecento 4 years ago, playing an important part in the operation of Crecent Group.

In addition to the knowledge and skills acquired, Luis claims to be committed and willing to continue preparing to meet the objectives. Ensures that experiences allow you to innovate because they make you more intuitive and analytical, since you analyze all the variants that may arise when making a decision.

luis villasenor
Luis Villasenor

Luis is passionate about starting a project, seeing what was previously on paper come true, taking shape on site, analyzing how things can be improved and what can be done to change what is not working. “You feel the adrenaline when you see how the machines move when people are working, seeing each step of the process, the evolution of the project.”

Despite the fact that each project has left a new lesson for the Group, Luis assures that the most challenging project for him has been Residential Ebony. This experience taught him to be more cautious in decisions, documenting each of the situations that arise.

“Making a decision immediately is something that scares us many times, we are permissive to a certain extent. We cannot allow to continue failing to comply and continue to look bad for the client.”

Luis trusts his experience, knowledge and skills. However, he is aware that you never stop learning, so he would like to continue enhancing his knowledge in terms of sales, legal management, titling, building and urbanization. His 3-year vision is to continue leading a part of the Group, making his work team successful, growing with them, achieving personal and company goals as a whole.

The legacy he would like to leave his team is the learning and experience gained, having the confidence that his team knows what to do whether he is or not. He visualizes himself by then fulfilling each of his assignments, learning from the new staff with whom he interacts, from their day to day.

For Luis, it is essential to be clear about where he should go, to be clear about his assignment, to know what his commitment to the company is and the company's commitment to him. He claims to be 100% committed to the Group, providing communication and clarity in his assignments.

“Following a leader. We all need a leader to teach us, to help us realize where I can improve."

For Luis the factor of success of Grupo Crecento this 2021 is to keep ourselves in a line of demand, compliance and development of collaborators, learning from the mistakes that have been made
as a Group, because this would help us to improve our actions, assuming the responsibility that falls to us and dying on the line to fulfill it. “The Group has given us a lot and it can give us more if we take care of it. Let's change our way of seeing our partner and commit ourselves to fulfilling our mission."

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