Magaly Fregoso: "Renew or die... let's adopt new habits"

Giving the best of us has an impact on our clients. The experience that they live will speak of our professionalism and level of commitment not only with them but with ourselves.

By Magaly Fregoso

There are no excuses not to RENEW, do an introspection and analyze what we can improve or change about ourselves. Changing HABITS for me is one of the important points and a clear example that if we set our minds to it, we can change things in ourselves.

Did you know that people with habits of effectiveness are fundamental pieces to form highly effective organizations?

I want to share with you reflections from the book "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" and I will try to link it, in turn, to our clients, which it applies to internal and external clients.


1. Be proactive

Being PROACTIVE is the habit of responsibility, and with it you will be able to build dreams and achieve goals. Meeting the client's objectives should be the main driver of your actions.

2. Start with the end in mind

This is the habit of personal leadership that gives meaning to your life. Having a clear vision of what we want to achieve will make your actions well directed.

The same will happen if you know your client very well, if you know their needs, your actions towards them will achieve the objectives set.

3. Set First Things First

This is the habit of prioritizing the important over the urgent. That is why the objective of this habit is to achieve disciplined management of our time, both personal and professional.

4. Think win – win

This habit allows us to think of mutual benefit, that is, being able to achieve the common good and equity. We always hear this phrase about doing business or win-win relationships, and it is simply about finding that balance between our goals and those of others. Let the client win together with us at all times and take care of their interests as our own.

5. Seek first to understand, and then to be understood

This habit is the essence of respect for others, it is the key to effective human relations, and it makes it possible to reach win-win agreements. We all have the need to be understood, so we must seek to achieve effective communication with others, to obtain respect and harmonious coexistence.

Understanding our client will allow you to strengthen the relationship and, above all, put yourself in their place whenever something comes up that you can support them with.

6. Synergy

The habit of synergizing is the result of cultivating the ability and attitude to value the diversity of ideas. All this produces better and superior ideas to the ideas
individual. The achievement of teamwork and innovation are the result of this habit. Let's create synergy with the client and you will see better results in all aspects.

7. Sharpen the saw

This habit is about continuous improvement, about using the capacity we have to renew ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually. It is what allows us to establish a balance
between all dimensions of our being in order to be effective in the different roles we play in our lives. The world of experiences customers seek is changing
constantly. If we are not prepared and open to that change, we simply stay out of the competition and archaic in our practices.

Sharpening the saw at Grupo Crecento always means INNOVATING and providing WOW Experiences to our clients.

And you, what are you doing about it?

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