New projects: Macro Lot 4 Natura District 

Macro Lot 4 joins the new complex "Distrito Natura", located in a privileged area of Puerto Vallarta. A total of 199 apartments with balconies and terraces.

Macro Lot 4 is an avant-garde project located in a privileged area of Vallarta Port. Its design is inspired by the environment that embraces it, made up of four housing modules located organically on the property. It has a total of 199 apartments with balconies and terraces that connect with the outside.

DN M4 1

In the foreground we find towers 1, 2 and 3. These stand on a wide base that presents a movement in its terraces and ceilings, giving fluidity to its composition and generating public, commercial, restaurant and recreation spaces that invite and welcome visitors. the local community and residents.

DN M4 2

In the background, with a higher hierarchy, we find the tower with more levels that finishes off the complex and is located in the parking lot for the housing units.

In addition to the qualities of each tower we can find various amenities.

Amenities in each tower:

  •         Swimming pool
  •         co-working
  •         Gym
  •         bbq
  •         Bar

General amenities:

  •         table tennis area
  •         hammock area
  •         lookout
  •         Fire Pit Area

The project is added to the new complex Nature District”. 

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