open skies

Open Skies, the place to belong

Oscar Barragán is one of the creative brains behind Open Skies, an innovative and exclusive architectural development that emerges from Grupo Crecento.

Originally from Guadalajara Jalisco, the architect Oscar Ricardo Barragán Santillán completed his university studies in architecture at the Center for Art, Architecture and Design of the University of Guadalajara. There he was part of the Department of representation of the University of Guadalajara, where he achieved recognition for his creative designs and projects.

Attracted by Deconstructivism, his designs break with stereotypes. Angles confronted by a distorted architecture, which plays with materials, elements and volumes. What implies a great knowledge and skill, to generate functional projects, but simultaneously artistic.

“Architecture is generating art responsibly. A project that is functional, that forms part of the urban environment and gives identity to a city”.

Arch. Oscar Barragan

TAC the DNA of Grupo Crecento

This young and talented architect has been a collaborator since its inception with one of the most important real estate corporations in the Mexican Pacific: Crecent Group. Being part of the creative team led him to discover and develop, hand in hand with the founder, the architect Alejandro Cadena, the architectural language of the company.

At 38 years old, Oscar is director of the TAC, Crecento Architecture Workshop, the company's DNA. This is the laboratory where ideas are gestated, from the work methodology, through the proposals and the architectural language of the projects.

open skies

Sound lines that define a creative process

Óscar Barragán creates his designs in an avant-garde and daring way. Inspired by the melancholy of the blues, the complex elegance of jazz and the power of rock, this talented Mexican likes to break with the usual stereotypes. For this artist, the challenge is to achieve an avant-garde architectural style that generates new paradigms obeying the design with direction.

“More than a style, the intention is to make a more daring architecture. Contemporary projects with vision, obeying the design with direction”.

Open Skies, a place that lives up to your expectations

Under this innovative way of creating Open Skies arises. This exclusive Grupo Crecento project is designed to set a precedent for cosmopolitan luxury in La Laguna.

Three vertical towers linked together, by a base designed by trails, parks and nature to achieve an incomparable atmosphere.

Its modern architectural design contemplates parasols in its construction, which gives it an enigmatic play of light and shadows for the fine contrast of its finishes. Functional and bright apartments, with incredible 360 degree views.

Open Skies is designed to satisfy even the most exquisite of pleasures in Torreón. An exclusive and luxurious apartment complex, controlled by a security access for peace of mind for your family. Amenities and dream areas:

  • Gym
  • Swimming pool
  • Terrace
  • multipurpose room
  • Playroom with children's games
  • Bar
  • Sports fields
  • Co–Work
  • barbecue area
  • Cinema
  • multipurpose room
  • Jacuzzi
  • Runnin Track / path to run or walk
  • Green areas
  • Pet Park

Open Skies is a place to grow as a family. A space that brings together everything you need to achieve a healthy lifestyle. An exclusive, contemporary and safe development. An environment that creates community and to which we all want to belong.

Open Skies, the place to belong…

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