Oscar Barragán: "Innovation and creativity to improve people's quality of life"

With an innovative and committed vision, Oscar Barragán forms the founding company of Grupo Crecento, starting activities on January 26, 2015.

From the beginning, Oscar Barragan believed in innovation and creativity as mechanisms to improve people's quality of life.

He shares with us that in each project there has been an initial intention from the sector to which it is directed and the scope to which it intends to reach, generating a series of lines that have given an idea of the behavior of each project.

He assures that in his creative process there are no rules because ideas flow. He affirms that creativity in design is present in each project, thus leading him to encounter constant challenges:

“Architects are very competitive with ourselves. This drives us to innovate. Especially when the aim is to achieve that specific character in each building through an architectural language.”

For him, one of the aspects that cannot be left out of an architectural design is functionality: “As much as the project pleases the environment and the people, the project must be functional, so that people can experience it, generating something in the people who they inhabit it, but above all that it works.”

In addition to functionality, for him it is essential to provide harmony in its design in each of his projects, because that is how people perceive it as a home to live in.

He affirms that the aspects that have differentiated us from the competition have been constant innovation, thus venturing to create projects with innovative amenities: “One of them is ZoHo, where 3 towers are connected in a common area. Projects like Palm Spring where nature was integrated into the 100%, urban projects like Ébano where the park becomes part of the housing.”

He affirms that he is always looking for a subtle way to change what is already established, because that is what has differentiated us in our projects.

oscar barragan
"In TAC there is no individualism, we work by sharing ideas, growth is joint, perhaps there may be competition but that competition pushes us all to grow: camaraderie, trust and brotherhood."
Architect Oscar Barragan

Óscar shares with us that the pandemic was a turning point to change our lifestyle and as a consequence our projects, adapting them to social circumstances, thus changing public spaces and offices. He assures that its evolution has been constant since its inception, because more than competing with other companies, it competes with itself and its results.

“I see previous projects and ultimately I could not change them since they are already built, I detect possible functional or aesthetic improvements and what I detect I try to solve in future projects. That constant evolution is what leads to growth.”

Architect Barragán affirms that the Crecento Architecture Workshop it has evolved in every way; from solving, generating new knowledge and overcoming constant challenges.

For Óscar, it has become the best team he has worked with because there is harmony, camaraderie and teamwork.

Your vision in Crecent Group is to have a level of architecture that makes us feel proud, developing projects achieving an outstanding level of architecture in Puerto Vallarta.

The most important legacy you would like to leave your team with is knowledge.

“Knowledge is there to be transmitted and used in the best way so that it permeates more people. It is the way in which we have worked in the workshop and what has allowed growth”.

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