Project planning: What is the Rolling Wave Planning methodology

Rolling Wave Planning is a software development planning methodology in waves, as the project progresses. “Currently planning is dynamic”, says engineer Jorge Oropeza, Director of Construction.

The Construction Department of Grupo Crecento carries out the planning of the work using the Rolling Wave Planning methodology, also known as "progressive planning".

It is a software development planning methodology in waves, as the project progresses. “Currently planning is not static, planning is dynamic”, says the engineer Luis Alberto Oropeza Escamilla, director of construction.

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This methodology is used when there are very limited time frames to complete the development. In this way, exhaustive planning is avoided in which we would have to get out of the original schedule.

Advantages of the Rolling Wave Planning Methodology

  • Efficient our time by not giving details of the tasks for which there is not yet enough visibility.
  • It focuses efforts on the short term, allowing for more specific planning.
  • Unifies agile concepts with traditional methodologies. 

Planning and control of projects in the short, medium and long term

Short-term planning and control

In this period, a valued schedule of activities with WBS keys must be carried out, generate cash flow, supply matrix, define the stakeholders of the project and define communication strategies for decision making. During the short-term control, the schedule of activities should be followed based on weekly planning

Medium-term planning and control

During mid-term planning and control, it should be a priority to evaluate the objectives set. This information provides a context in which to act and make decisions. 

long term planning

An analysis of future actions is carried out to improve the company's situation in the market. Mr. Oropeza affirms that during this stage it is essential to consider the lessons learned through the databases, with the intention of making better decisions in new projects.

“Databases are at the core of decisions. Those lessons learned from construction processes will allow us to make better decisions in future projects.”

rolling wave planning


Currently, Grupo Crecento's Construction Management is working on 3 reports (analytical, strategic and operational) for accountability and decision-making on a sustainable basis.

"You must take the time to analyze, create a strategy and then operate satisfactorily," says engineer Oropeza.

Grupo Crecento is currently carrying out the following projects:

upright construction

horizontal construction

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