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Puerto Vallarta: The best place to live, the best place to invest

The best vaccine against any disease is to live in a natural environment with water, sun and mountains. Puerto Vallarta has it all, plus a multicultural community characterized by its friendliness. One of the best cities in the world for live and to invest.

Bahía de Banderas is a privileged place in Mexico. On the north coast of the state of Jalisco is Puerto Vallarta, a natural paradise surrounded by mountains that turn green every summer and flood us with the majesty of the Sierra Madre. The best sunsets and unparalleled beaches are the main reason why hundreds of people choose Puerto Vallarta as one of the best cities to live in the world. 

Puerto Vallarta, a city in constant evolution

Since the fifties, Puerto Vallarta has become an idyllic place for thousands of people who came to this city motivated by its beauty. People from different parts of Mexico, the United States, Canada and other parts of the world discovered this jewel of the Mexican Pacific thanks to the magic of cinema and television. Over the years, this typical Mexican town has evolved into a cosmopolitan city.

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For years, Puerto Vallarta has become an idyllic place to live.

A treasure within everyone's reach

Its beauty made it become a tourist destination. Its economic activity diversified and fishing, livestock and even mining were gradually replaced by tourism. This industry caused our city to grow and shine internationally. 

Air, land and sea communication routes have been essential for the development of this beautiful city. Currently, imposing ocean liners arrive at our shores from different parts of the world and the international airport has air connectivity with different countries. 

Three elements to be healthy

Health and tranquility are two fundamental pillars for people's quality of life. Puerto Vallarta has three essential elements to achieve this: sun, sea and mountains. 

  • The sun contributes greatly to the health of the body, mind and emotions. It helps restore our neural connections, and helps us to be happier and more relaxed. It is scientifically proven that the sun helps us strengthen the immune system and contributes to the absorption of vitamin D, which serves to fix calcium in the bones. 
  • In the sea, life is tastier, and not just because the song says so. Water is life and the sea, in addition to providing us with food, helps us relax, have fun and heal. Sea water has innumerable healthy minerals for the human body, in addition to having relaxing and therapeutic qualities. The sea breeze is loaded with negative ions, stimulates oxygenation and cell renewal, and helps balance excess positive ions caused by contact with electronic devices. 
  • Our mountain gives us security, biodiversity and beauty. Bahía de Banderas boasts of being one of those with the greatest bio-diversity on the planet. Only the state of Jalisco presents 7,027 species of plants and 4,115 species of animals. It is the fourth state of the Mexican Republic with the greatest diversity in Mexico. The mountains of the north coast of Jalisco have different ecosystems: forest, estuaries and tropical jungle. Its mountains are a protective shield against natural phenomena such as hurricanes and help maintain a cool climate. Its beauty and exuberance during the summer make Puerto Vallarta one of the most beautiful bays of the world.

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