Real Estate Puerto Vallarta, more prosperous than ever

The Real Estate sector in Puerto Vallarta, unlike other markets, has grown considerably in recent years, with a growth of more than 100% according to sales registered in 2022.

If you are looking to invest in Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta you will not regret it. The region has gone through a spectacular real estate growth during the last 5 years. In contrast to other coastal cities, the city has made efforts to maintain its expansion based on good planning to create organic and aesthetic spaces with reliable infrastructure for visitors and inhabitants.

In addition, investing in coastal real estate is more profitable, since the real estate market is managed in dollars. The properties do not lose their value and the return on investment is in stark contrast to other areas of Mexico. And speaking of coastal regions, Puerto Vallarta is the fourth most visited tourist destination with a beach in Mexico, according to the Ministry of Tourism.

Real State in Puerto Vallarta after the pandemic

Since the pandemic, the Real Estate sector in Puerto Vallarta has recorded historic sales. All the changes that have occurred since the health crisis have made people reflect deeply on their assets and the quality of life they want, due to which there has been a significant increase in the acquisition of real estate.

The statistics of Real Estate associations in Puerto Vallarta show that the sales volume increased in 2021 by 40% compared to 2019, and 60% compared to 2020; Far from being affected by the pandemic, Puerto Vallarta has had more sales now than in the years prior to the contingency.

If we compare the sales volume from 2017 to 2021, the increase in sales is an impressive 230%!

2021 marked a new record for the real estate market in Puerto Vallarta with wholesale sales closings and openings of new developments with pre-sales sold out, 2021 marked a new record in the movement of the real estate market in Puerto Vallarta.

What is the best option to invest in Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta?

The Real State sector includes both the land, buildings, natural resources and other improvements found on the property, whether residential, commercial or industrial.

On which of them is the best option to invest, for residential real estate investment, it depends directly on the investor's objectives, if it is a family that wants to acquire its assets or if it is an entrepreneur with a view to obtaining a return in the short or long term. . Regarding the sales figures we can mention that:

The greatest demand is concentrated in condominiums for foreign investment and houses in the domestic market.

Condo sales are up since 2020, people are seeing the potential return on investment in buying condos. The maintenance is very low compared to houses, and the rental potential is higher, with well-paid options for short-term or long-term condominium rentals.

One of the best aspects of all the developments currently being built are the rooftop infinity pools, lounging areas, and of course the 360° views of Banderas Bay.
An avant-garde project located in a privileged area of Vallarta Port

Advantages of investing in pre-sale

When it comes to house purchases, already built properties have increased their prices considerably given the limited amount of supply in certain areas.

In contrast, pre-construction opportunities are popping up all over the bay, from just north of Punta Mita to the south shore of Puerto Vallarta. Buying in pre-construction is one of the best investment opportunities in Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta:

  • The technology applied in the construction of new projects is modern and superior in relation to buildings built years ago.
  • The purchase discount is higher (up to 30%).
  • There is a longer term for the down payment.
  • The value of the property is increased immediately upon delivery.
  • You can select the desired location.
  • You have more time to plan moving details, among other benefits.
The bastion of modernity in the best location in Las Juntas.

An often overlooked aspect of Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta is the land and lots. They are perfect for condominium development or building your dream home. Taking advantage of investing in them now is the best opportunity to build something with incredible equity in the future. There is a lot of potential in land investment, and our prediction is that 2022 will not only be a big year for pre-construction, but also for land.

The best time to invest in Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta

As of 2021, the average sales price has uploaded a huge 8%, however, it is still not too late to invest in property and see the incredible possibilities of return on investment that exist in Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta. Those who acquired a property in previous years have certainly seen an increase in the value of their property, and everything indicates that this will continue. That is, now is the best time to invest.

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