Pre-sale of Senya Residencial starts

Residential Senya is a subdivision that opens its pre-sale in the best area of Ixtapa. It consists of 281 homes with two and three bedrooms, with large common areas and amenities.

The Ixtapa delegation in Puerto Vallarta is a very important pole of economic, social and cultural development. Its land is extremely fertile, and has a great productive tradition. In 1925 the company Montgomery Fruit Co was established, a banana company that promoted agricultural activity with export quality to other latitudes of the world. Since then, this delegation became a town with its own life.

Then, the arrival of the CUC (University Center of the Coast) of the University of Guadalajara, was a turning point. Simultaneous to this, various renowned companies settled along highway 544, creating an industrial and commercial cluster that generated economic investment, sources of work and local development.

Trusting in the present and in the future of Ixtapa, Crecent Group emphasizes the housing development of the area.

Residential Senya from 1 million 942 thousand pesos

Senya is a new subdivision of Crecent Group that responds to hundreds of families who yearn for their home in Puerto Vallarta. This development is located on Paseo de la Industria Ixtapa, on the corner of highway 544, in front of the highest-level residential sector, just 5 minutes from the CUC and the shopping centers on the main road.

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Ixtapa: Community Atmosphere, Strategic Location

This delegation still retains its essence of typical mexican town, which generates community around its beautiful main square. In this place there is an atmosphere of friendly coexistence, which is centered on a traditional kiosk surrounded by benches, fountains, trees and the most important thing for the faith of the locals: the Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Another highlight of this important delegation are the access roads, which have made Ixtapa a strategic point to live. This demarcation is located just 25 minutes from downtown Puerto Vallarta. There are two ways to get there:

  • Mexico Avenue that goes from the Fluvial Vallarta neighborhood (in the heart of the city), to Ixtapa.
  • State highway 544 that begins in the Las Juntas delegation, crossing with federal highway 200, which leads to Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit.

It should be noted that state highway 544 is the free highway that leads to Guadalajara and the closest way to reach the magical towns of Jalisco such as San Sebastián, Mascota and Talpa.

281 homes in 5 prototypes

Senya Residencial consists of 281 homes with two and three bedrooms, parking, living room, dining room, kitchen and patio. It offers high quality contemporary designs with five different prototypes: Tlali Andador, Naran Andador, Nayil Casa and Tlali Casa and Kali Casa.

This architectural project Crecent Group it stands out for its spacious common areas and amenities. Senya will have a pool, kids club, barbecue area and a large common green space. They are essential elements to achieve quality of life.

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Do not miss the opportunity to buy in pre-sale stage: From MXN 1,144,500. The best investments are made at this stage, because upon delivery it is calculated that your surplus value has increased by up to 20%.

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Grupo Crecento: Design, quality and price

When buying a house, there are undoubtedly 3 factors that are very important to achieve a good purchase: design, quality and price. Grupo Crecento has been known for providing that to the families of Puerto Vallarta and the region in each of its developments. If you want to buy your house in Vallarta, get to know Senya Residencial.

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