The best areas to search for houses for sale in Puerto Vallarta

In this article we give you some tips to make your search for houses for sale in Puerto Vallarta more efficient. Get the best options, either to live or invest.

Only 1% of the surface of Mexico is facing the sea. So if you think about it, homes for sale in Puerto Vallarta are a limited supply. However, the region still has potential for expansion, making it the ideal time for a real estate investment that could triple in value in a couple of years.

Having a house in Puerto Vallarta is more than a house on the beach. It is living in a place surrounded by mountainous landscapes, a pleasant climate all year round, internationally recognized gastronomy and a rich culture with a lot of variety. But above all, the people of the port are friendly and welcoming, giving a sense of belonging to foreigners, tourists and residents.

Another point in favor is the high return that can be obtained thanks to tourism and the increase in rental demand using property management platforms, like airbnb. If you take the opportunity to rent your property in what is known as high season, from November to April, you will be able to amortize your investment and generate positive income. And the property value will continue to rise!

The choice to live or rent your house is up to you, but you can be sure that your property is a good investment that will generate income over time.

Searching for homes for sale in Puerto Vallarta is one of the most popular options among Americans and Canadians looking to move permanently once they retire. Therefore, the acquisition of properties is very competitive, especially in the area near the center and the so-called Romantic Zone.

However, this has allowed other areas -such as Colonia Versalles, Fluvial, Hotel Zone, Puerto Vallarta Marina, Las Juntas, Ixtapa- to develop and currently have all kinds of nearby services: administrative, roads, schools , supermarkets, entertainment venues. These are areas that present a growing surplus value in the medium and long term.

We tell you some of the best places to live in Puerto Vallarta


It is an area where the fusion of the traditional and the international are perceived in its environment and in all its expressions. The Versalles neighborhood is very popular for the gastronomic variety that you can enjoy. From small family businesses to the most famous restaurants are found in the area, with cuisine from all over the world.

Prices for homes with all the luxuries are much lower than in other areas of Puerto Vallarta. It is only five blocks from the beach and a medium distance from other main areas such as the Center and the Marina. It has several shopping malls nearby and also, some of the best private hospitals and private schools in Puerto Vallarta are minutes away.
Living in Versalles is an aspiration that synthesizes status, practicality and quality of life.

Fluvial Vallarta

The Fluvial area is characterized by the balance between nature and urbanity. The area has hydraulic concrete streets and all the service infrastructure is underground to give it a clear and clean appearance. It is bordered by nature and large expanses of green areas with ancient trees.

It is located in the heart of Vallarta and connects with the most important avenues in the city: Francisco Medina Ascencio, Francisco Villa, Fluvial Vallarta, Grandes Lagos and Los Tules. In the vicinity there are hospitals, schools, banks, restaurant chains and supermarkets with gourmet and high quality products. All the services that may be needed to make it a comfortable and quiet place.
Fluvial is in the heart of Puerto Vallarta

The Boards

Las Juntas is the first delegation of the municipality of Puerto Vallarta. Currently, it is receiving an important urban transformation, since it concentrates a growing number of inhabitants, companies and services.

The delegation has in its vicinity vital points such as the airport, specialized self-service stores and shopping centers, private schools, universities, beaches and a short distance, the Ameca River and the Riviera Nayarit. Las Juntas has its own health center and a large sports unit. The location is ideal as a residence for hotel industry workers, professionals, academics, students and families with children.
Just 5 minutes from the Vidanta Resort


Just 25 minutes from downtown Puerto Vallarta, is the Ixtapa delegation. This delegation still retains its essence of a Mexican town, with a community that revolves around its main square. It is a peaceful and friendly place.

It is a strategic point to live, since it connects directly with state highway 544, the free highway that leads to Guadalajara and the closest road to reach the magical towns of Jalisco such as San Sebastián, Mascota and Talpa.
Grupo Crecento: Design, quality and price

Maritime terminal (API)

All the luxury of a high-level tourist destination is found in the surroundings of the Puerto Vallarta Maritime Terminal (API, Integral Port Administration). The area is home to shopping malls, golf courses, yachts, exclusive shops, clubs and restaurants.

Here the pace of life is marked by tourism, which gives it a cosmopolitan and multicultural style. The area is extensive and is divided into several colonies. There are highly exclusive areas such as the North Hotel Zone, popular colonies and private preserves.
Bay, Mountain and City Views

Whether you are looking for houses for sale in Puerto Vallarta to live or invest You will discover that there are options for all tastes. Do not miss the opportunity to secure real estate.

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