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The Zyan development has caused hundreds of inquiries since its pre-sale launch. For all those interested, we have prepared a summary with answers to frequently asked questions about entrepreneurship.

“Zyan: The house of your dreams” it has provoked hundreds of queries since its pre-sale launch. Many of its units are already sold, especially those in the best locations (one of the Advantages of buying in presale).

The division that is changing the face of Las Juntas it's a development of 188 houses with 6 attractive and functional models, with one and two floors, with the option to grow. The housing complex surrounds a green area of more than 5,000 square meters, with a common park with amenities, semi-Olympic pool, clubhouse, cooking grills, children's play areas, outdoor gym and coworking room.

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Searching for options to acquire a new home is an arduous task. Therefore, for all those interested, we have prepared a summary with answers to the frequent questions about entrepreneurship.

  1. Can the area be flooded due to the proximity of the river?
    It has been foreseen that a rise in the river could cause, not a flood, but a flooding of the area. To prevent this, various precautions have been taken. First, an elevation of the terrain. Secondly, an underground canal with absorption wells has been planned to send any excess water to the groundwater table. Thirdly, the City Council carries out hydraulic treatments in the streets of the place.
  2. What is the delivery date of the houses?
    Zyan will be delivering the first batch of completed homes in the second half of 2021.
  3. What benefits and discounts can I get if I buy NOW?
    There are two ways to buy in pre-sale: through a credit with your bank (Grupo Crecento also manages this aspect of the operation, if required) or directly with the payment of a down payment and the settlement of the balance at the time of delivery. The payment of the down payment has an extra attraction: depending on the percentage that is advanced, there is an additional discount on the final price. If the 30% of the value of the house is advanced, a 3% is discounted. If a 50% is anticipated, a 5% discount is offered. An advisor can guide you in calculating these benefits.
  4. Will the development have a condominium regime? Will there be surveillance at the entrance?
    Zyan will be delivered to the owners with the status of condominium regime and a surveillance system at the entrance. From that moment on, the condominium owners will be in charge of deciding the rules and policies of coexistence inside the subdivision.
  5. Do the houses have high ceilings? Is there any heat treatment? Is the wiring underground or aerial?

All models have a heat treatment. In addition, they all have a distribution where the interior patio of each house is located in the center, oxygenating and providing freshness and natural lighting to all environments.

The wiring is underground throughout the development, which guarantees aerial cleanliness and visual neatness.

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