Zyan, in the heart of Las Juntas: a strategic center of the bay

Zyan is a subdivision that accompanies the urban transformation of Las Juntas, a delegation that concentrates a growing number of inhabitants, companies and services.

Las Juntas is the first delegation of the municipality of Puerto Vallarta (in the State of Jalisco), entering from Nayarit, crossing the bridge over the Ameca River. It currently has more than 9,000 inhabitants and a growing number of businesses and services.

Zyan, the subdivision of Grupo Crecento, accompanies the urban transformation of Las Juntas. The delegation is growing rapidly thanks to the proximity of vital centers (airport, university, shopping centers) and the meteoric rise of Vidanta, the gigantic tourist-residential development that extends to the other side of the river.

Around the Las Juntas cruise -a paradigmatic place, home to the famous letters of welcome to Puerto Vallarta, there is a large number of central references for Puerto Vallarta, which are located a few minutes by car from the Zyan subdivision:

  • Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport: 8 minutes.
  • CUC (University Center of the Coast) of the University of Guadalajara, and private universities: 9 minutes.
  • Boca de Tomates beach, concentration point of typical restaurants: 13 minutes.
  • Villa Varadero Beach (public beach in Nuevo Vallarta): entering through the first access 12 minutes.
  • Marina beach and turtle camp: 12 minutes.
  • Plaza Catalán and Plaza Las Juntas, shopping centers that house banks, a gas station, cafeterias and restaurants, car dealerships and numerous shops: 5 minutes.
  • Private schools with preschool, primary and secondary: At 5 minutes.
  • Main entrance to Vidanta, Nuevo Vallarta: 4 minutes.
  • Home Depot and other department stores for construction: 5 minutes.
Las Juntas, meanwhile, has the Nuestra Señora del Rosario Las Juntas Parish, a health center and a large sports unit, as well as numerous shops, bank branches and other services.

The 188 homes in the Zyan subdivision are located southeast of Las Juntas, less than 500 meters from the access roundabout to Puerto Vallarta. A strategic location, which allows quick access to the main points of this rapidly expanding urban conglomerate.

The location of this development makes it ideal as a residence for workers in the hotel industry, professionals, academics, students and families with children.

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