Zyan II, the smart home: More privacy, large spaces and home automation

The pre-sale of Zyan II located in the residential area of Las Juntas begins. In this new Grupo Crecento development, the units are characterized by a new concept of comfort and technology. Automate your home through intelligent management of energy, communications and lighting now at your fingertips.

Just 5 minutes from the Vidanta tourist complex, the Zyan II presale begins. The second stage of this Grupo Crecento development will be the bastion of modernity in the best location in Las Juntas. Characterized by a new concept of comfort and greater safety, this model of smart House incorporates the use of technologies to make your life more comfortable, through intelligent management of energy, communication and security, also known as home automation

Located just 300 meters from the entrance avenue to Puerto Vallarta, this 188-unit development will be distributed in private preserves with restricted access, in addition to 5,600 square meters of green areas and amenities that will provide quality of life for you and your family.

Zyan II: wide spaces and option for growth

With the first stage fully sold and with the first units in the delivery process Zian, launches its second stage with more force than ever. In this second stage, Zyan II launches its smart home model for pre-sale, with two more spacious and modern prototypes: Xail and Zanic, which include stationary gas, a backyard, larger bedrooms with closets, a full bathroom on the ground floor, and air conditioners. , first class finishes and growth option.

Xail Prototype

XALI PROTOTYPE e1637256527611

Zanic Prototype


Domotics: a smart home for your comfort

Can you imagine arriving home and the gate opening and closing automatically, while the lights turn on as you pass by and the air conditioning optimizes the temperature without your intervention? That and much more is possible with the Zyan II smart home concept. The units are equipped with comfort features and innovative equipment:

  • HOME AUTOMATION: Wi-Fi control of entrance plate, lamps and air conditioners.
  • CLOSETS AND KITCHEN: Closets in each bedroom and melamine kitchen with granite bar.
  • AIR CONDITIONERS AND TEMPERED GLASS: 1-ton inverter equipment for each bedroom and a 2-ton air conditioner in the living room, tempered glass and a stationary gas tank.
  • WIDER SPACES: Larger bedroom spaces and stairs.
  • PROJECTION TO FUTURE EXPANSION: Growth option with the delivery of a pre-project for future expansion with an additional room.
second stage plan
Zyan II is made up of a series of closed preserves, each of which will have a gate and restricted access, to ensure the privacy and safety of families.

Make your lifestyle unique

 Zyan II is a development designed for all members of your family regardless of gender or age. With more than 5,600 square meters of green areas you can enjoy:

  • Pool with swimming lane.
  • Coworking room.
  • Stations with grills and tables.
  • APlay area for children, adolescents and adults.
  • Rest and contemplation areas.
  • Pergola stations with tables and benches.
  • Semi-covered square.
  • Calisthenic parks.
  • Esplanade for ball games.
  • Maintenance area / warehouse / bathrooms.
workout zone

Zyan II: Location, design and price

Zyan II is located in the best location between Puerto Vallarta and Bahía de Banderas. This development that enjoys an avant-garde design and equipment, is 500 meters from the two main highways, highway 200 entering Vallarta and highway 544 towards Mascota and San Sebastián. This subdivision is only 10 minutes from the beach, 8 minutes from the international airport of Puerto Vallarta and 5 minutes from the Vidanta tourist complex.

The presale of Zyan II starts from $2 million 399 thousand pesos. Ask about the interesting financing plans: cash, bank credit or INFONAVIT credit.

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